10 Methods to Make Snapchat a Digital Marketing Tool

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Snapchat is often viewed as the most informal of the social media, given that its pictures and videos disappear after a certain amount of time. This mechanic has prompted users to post content on Snapchat that they normally wouldn’t on other social media channels.

Despite this, Snapchat can still be used as an effective digital marketing tool. For business owners who are unaware of its potential, listed below are ten ways Snapchat can be a welcome addition to your online strategies.


  1. Use it as a Method for Announcements

Businesses are able to use their Snapchat accounts to offer their followers information about upcoming events, products or services, appearances, etc. Giving announcements on Snapchat entices users to follow the brand in order to stay up to date with the latest news they have to offer that they may not otherwise be able to acquire through their other social media channels.


  1. Let Influencers Use Your Account

Providing a high-profile celebrity or influencer with access to your account so that they can promote your product or service not only benefits you, but also benefits them. You essentially swap fan bases for a brief moment and offer the other side a look at what each one of you provides. When it comes to branding on social media, more exposure is always a good thing.


  1. Give Away Promotion Codes

Similar to how Snapchat can be used as a platform for announcements, it can also be used to offer promotional codes to followers. While these users may only follow your brand for the code, they will also be exposed to your other content, which is a reason enough in itself to help bring them on board.


  1. Behind-the-Scenes Insight

Working on something new? Give viewers a glimpse at what’s going on that’s still in developmental stages. Snapchat’s ephemeral content is useful for providing videos and pictures that you don’t necessarily want plastered all over the Internet. Users will obtain a first look at what’s to come by following your company, an enticement that is often overwhelming for fanatics of a brand.


  1. Offer to Feature Those Who Follow you

Holding contests where the reward is putting one of your followers in the spotlight is a great way to rile up some engagement with your brand’s Snapchat account, and can often prompt thousands to follow you just for the shot at the exposure.


  1. Product Demonstrations

Demonstrations and explanations of how products functions can be all some people need in order to convince them to make a purchase. Videos, in particular, offer your business plenty of opportunity to walk people through how it all works, providing a look at what it’s like to use the product or service firsthand.


  1. Partnerships Are Never a Poor Choice

Promoting others in exchange for promoting you (such as in point #2) never fails to garner a vast amount of attention, as two worlds collide to benefit everyone involved. Tapping into the followings of other businesses and brands can help take your notoriety to the next level.


  1. Stay Aware of Current Trends and Social Issues

If your brand is relevant to a trend or an ongoing social issue, speak up about it; this will help you resonate with your target audience and create a stronger connection between your demographic and your brand’s essence.


  1. Previews for Upcoming Content

Snapchat’s “story” mechanic lets users sequentially post photos or videos throughout the day. Brands can take advantage of this by creating suspenseful posts that lead up to a big reveal. For the greatest effect, space your posts apart so people are continually checking back to see when the next installment is made.


  1. Event Promotion

If your brand is hosting or attending an event, Snapchat can be used to build hype before the event begins, and also showcase all that it has to offer as the event takes place. Those who follow your brand will have what is essentially a first-person view of everything that is occurring, which is something that is extremely difficult to replicate.

Despite its casual demeanour, Snapchat has many benefits for brands that choose to take them. Talk to us today to learn how we can help your business with Snapchat.

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