10 Ways Instagram Can Bolster Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital marketing is not something that happens overnight; it takes a long time to build a brand. These 10 methods will ensure your Instagram account helps get your business to where you want it to be:

  1. Visuals are (Obviously) Vital

Your visuals are extremely important, given that Instagram is a purely visual medium. Establish a proper brand image by posting relevant content that is consistent in tone; you want people to eventually see a certain type of visual and immediately associate it with your brand.


  1. Consider the Help of a Professional

 There’s no shame in asking for help, and there are talented professionals who have built a career out of optimising social media accounts for businesses. If you feel like your page could use significant improvement, don’t be afraid to hire a consulting service to help you get going on the road to success as quickly as possible.


  1. Perfect Your Pictures

Content only works if it is good, and this is particularly true for visuals. You cannot simply slap a low-quality, irrelevant image onto your page for the sake of having content and then expect your following to magically grow; you must put time and effort into ensuring that everything you post accurately and powerfully represents your brand.


  1. #Hashtags aren’t Just for Twitter

Hashtags are a doorway for people to enter onto your brand’s page. However, that doorway is only open if you use them, so there is virtually no reason not to. However, you don’t have to spend hours tailoring the perfect hashtag that encapsulates your brand; simply utilise commonly-used hashtags that are relevant to your product or service, as this will attract people who are a part of your target demographic.


  1. Partnerships are Mutually Beneficial

Charities and fundraisers are an amazing opportunity to simultaneously give back to the community and raise your notoriety. Non-profits can also help you accomplish a similar task, whether it be through donating, sponsoring, or partnering with them. Taking advantage of these opportunities will help catapult your brand to new heights that were previously unseen.


  1. Inspiration and Entertainment Go a Long Way

Even the highest quality photos are relatively meaningless if they are boring; inspirational and entertaining not only provoke engagement, but also instil a desire within your audience that keeps them coming back for more. The challenge is making sure that everything you post is entertaining or inspirational, as well as engaging to get the most out of your time on social media and your digital marketing strategy as a whole.


  1. Shamelessly Promote Others

Promoting others does two things: it benefits the brand you are promoting, and also helps get your name out there. For brands who have larger budget at their disposal, there is the opportunity to pay a brand or influencer with a large following to promote your brand and its product or service. Inversely, brands with a large following can be paid by smaller companies to give them a shout-out on your page.


  1. Be Social

It is “social” media, after all: communicate! Like comments, respond to inquiries or feedback, and comment on other brands when you appreciate the content they are putting out. Staying quiet on social media is the same as going to a networking event and standing in the corner all night while you scroll through your phone; it is pointless, and can even be counterproductive.


  1. The Bio is Powerful

You have a limited space underneath your brand’s page name where you are able to put anything that you want. A solid strategy that involves utilising the bio is to provide a link to a promotion that you are offering and change it in set intervals to entice your followers to check your page more often.


  1. Review and Revise

After each quarter, it is wise to take a step back and analyse the content you have been posting, and how it has been performing. After making adjustments, you should be better equipped for the coming quarter. Remember: social media is trend-based, making it volatile. Capitalise on what is trending, and be aware of what is not: it will take a long way toward resonating with your audience.

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