3 Ways to Turn LinkedIn Into a Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

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LinkedIn is known (sometimes notoriously) for being the most formal of the social media platforms. You won’t find Instagram’s casual beach pictures, Facebook’s updates about a personal relationship, or Snapchat’s wild partying videos.

Instead, you will find relevant news about a multitude of industries, requests for freelance work, and promotions for open positions at a company you may enjoy working for.

On paper, LinkedIn seems like a confining social media channel given the limited type of content that is posted. However, with over 135 million users, LinkedIn has a large pool to draw from when it comes to targeting a certain demographic.

There are three strategies digital marketers can implement while using LinkedIn in order to get the most out of it.


  1. Take the Time to Keep Your Profile Updated

If you want people to know more about your business and the products or services it offers, it’s important to put this information somewhere accessible where they can find it. Keeping a relevant, regularly updated profile can vastly increase your digital marketing efforts indirectly, as you will be able to accrue more followers with a profile that comprehensively defines your business.

Personal information is not the only info to include, however; if you are an authoritative resource in your industry that frequently posts blog articles, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to automatically link your blog posts onto your profile, which can assist in driving traffic to the content you have elsewhere on the web.

LinkedIn is also a great platform to post about any events your company is holding or will be involved in, as your followers are more than likely part of your target demographic.

Portfolios can also be uploaded to your LinkedIn profile, allowing you to dispel any potential doubt someone may have about your expertise through your past work and accomplishments.


  1. Increase Your Visibility with Community Features

LinkedIn has a number of tools available to businesses that can help them get the most out of having their page on LinkedIn’s website. All of them involve interacting with the community, which will help create a bond between you and your customers.

The ‘Answers’ feature of LinkedIn allows businesses to both answer and ask questions, allowing you to not only convey your knowledge your industry, but also receive feedback for your product, service, or idea. You can also interact with likeminded professionals.

‘Company Pages’ provides the opportunity to take a glimpse at what other similar businesses are doing and how it works for them, and can serve as a tool to talk about a new job posting your company has, your business’s recent accomplishments, or information about what you have to offer.

Finally, the ‘Groups’ tool allows you to develop a sub-community of those with similar interests and passions, or join another one where you fit in. The more you communicate with businesses in your industry, the more you learn about the industry itself.


  1. Market Your Business Through LinkedIn

Once you’ve began to expand your presence on LinkedIn, you can make the most of its marketing capabilities. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to contact potential clients with, as the only reason people use LinkedIn in the first place is to further their professional goals.

You are also able to run advertisements, similar to how Facebook and Instagram incorporate sponsored ad space for companies who choose to pay for it. With the right kind of profile, your business will accrue thousands of followers over time, giving you a large audience to of people who will potentially interact with your brand.

Furthermore, you can reach out to those who are looking for work if you happen to be in a position to welcome new additions to your company. People find jobs on LinkedIn every day, and it has become a normal practice for businesses to get in touch with potential workers.

LinkedIn’s potential often goes untapped by most businesses because they fall into a mindset of only sharing industry news and posts rather than making the most of what it has to offer. With the right strategy, LinkedIn can become a staple platform in any digital marketing strategy.

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