5 Ways Google Analytics Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Anyone who incorporates digital marketing into their business strategies should be familiar with Google Analytics. Of all the tools available to those who use the Internet as a medium for reaching their audience, it is by far one of the most accessible, powerful, and efficient.

Like all tools, however, Google Analytics will only be worth the time invested if it is utilised correctly. While Google Analytics cannot be directly detrimental to your company, it can cost you time if you are not attentive when reviewing the data that it provides for you. And, as they say, time is money.

Fortunately for digital marketers, there are five aspects of Google Analytics that you can focus on in order to get a lot out of the program.


  1. See How Your Mobile Users Behave

Everyone today has a smartphone. Everyone today is also constantly on their smartphones. When someone visits your business’s website, there’s a decent chance they are accessing it from a phone or a mobile device, such as a Kindle or tablet.

Since mobile users are so prevalent in today’s markets, it is important to keep them in mind when designing your company’s website; do not eliminate half of your potential audience by making your mobile layout clunky and unpleasant to use.


  1. Avoid Jams with Google’s Traffic Acquisition Report

The Internet’s version of window shopping is people who browse through your company’s website without ever converting into a sale for your business. While that may be frustrating, it is not something that cannot be mended.

However, another important aspect to review is how your users are getting to your site in the first place, whether it be through email, social media, etc. Across these different avenues that your users take, some will prove to yield more users who convert than others do. Analysing what methods lead to the most sales will take your business a long way toward success.


  1. Check How Your Design is Working for Your Website

To no surprise, the design is the first thing about your site that your users notice, whether it be consciously or subconsciously. The design of your sign-up forms, landing pages, and homepage should be pleasant enough to keep the user engaged, but not be captivating enough to the point where the visitor is distracted.

If your site has an abnormally high bounce rate, which means that people are immediately leaving your site’s pages when they get to them, there’s a good chance the design has something to do with it. Tweak your site’s appearance and check your analytics periodically to determine what look is best for both you and your users.


  1. Where Are Your Users Leaving the Funnel?

It’s common knowledge that not everyone who views a product or service, even if they are interested in it, will end up purchasing it. However, people are also likely to abandon the purchase even after they’ve decided to buy the product.

This could be the result of a multitude of reasons, such as asking for too much personal information, slow loading times, or an unaesthetic website design. Google Analytics provides you with the capability to see exactly when and where people are leaving your site, allowing you to determine which areas of your digital marketing strategy need the most improvement.


  1. Budget Allocation is Critical

Budget allocation is often a stressful concept for business owners to think about, and often involves doubt about whether or not they are making the correct decisions. By reviewing the information that is displayed on Google Analytics reports, you can see exactly what has been working, what needs to be tweaked, and what needs to be discarded altogether.

Specifically, the Conversion Report Suite lets business owners see which of their digital marketing endeavours has the greatest ROI, providing a solid foundation to build from.

Google Analytics is so ubiquitously used for a reason: it is a potent, comprehensive tool that any business owner who is serious about digital marketing would be worse off without. While it may initially take some invested time to learn all that is available, you will never look back once you do.

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