5 Ways Twitter Could Help Your Business Take Flight

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While Facebook and Instagram may be better equipped with tools to help businesses promote their content, Twitter can be an extensively powerful asset if it is utilised correctly. 140-character tweets may seem confining at first, but it serves as motivation to make sure every word counts.

Listed below are 5 ways Twitter has the capability to improve your digital marketing efforts, so long as they are all followed correctly.


  1. Make the Most out of Your Bio

The more information you have about your business on your business’s Twitter bio, the more professional your profile will look, and will work toward establishing you as an authority. You are also able to use your Twitter bio as a platform to link back to your personal website or company landing page, which will help navigate your followers from one medium to another.

Your bio should be an appropriate representation of your company and the product or service it offers. While it is important to have a solid amount of info about your business, make sure to trim any unnecessary content in order to keep your bio looking sleek and relevant.


  1. Stay Active, but Not Too Active

Great content means nothing if it is hardly ever posted. Inversely, great content is similarly ineffective if it is plastered all over a social media page multiple times each day. While frequent tweets may not seem the same as the junk mail people send straight to their trashcan, spam is spam, and over-posting is a surefire way to have people remove you from their newsfeed.

Finding a sweet spot in terms of posting frequency will ensure that your audience finds your content refreshing when they see it, rather than be annoyed at the incessant retweets and updates you have been making throughout the day.


  1. Incorporate Visuals

Humans love pictures, movies, and images in general. Adding visual media to your tweets is a solid method to increase engagement with them. In digital marketing, the interaction between the audience and the content is vital, and visuals have consistently been proven to increase this interaction.

If the visuals are particularly engaging, the content has a chance of going viral, which is a huge blessing to your business due to the massive amount of exposure it entails. Additionally, visual media offers you the opportunity to deliver a more powerful message than regular tweets are able to handle.


  1. Analyse Your Account’s Performance

To improve your future performance, you should take a look at how you have been performing. Browsing your twitter analytics will provide you with the necessary insight to determine how your target demographic is responding to your content, whether it be positively or negatively.

Twitter’s analytics tool will tell you the type of tweets with the highest engagement, what time of day people are interacting with your content, and the demographics of the new follows you acquire. If the reviewed numbers do not meet your standards, you can reevaluate your content to better gear your posts to toward your audiences.


  1. Start from the Bottom

Use the people you know personally as the framework for your brand. People are more likely to engage with posts that already have engagement, so make sure friends, family, and colleagues are following, retweeting, and interacting with your content.

Every account starts out with zero followers. How long it takes you to get from zero to your milestone number of followers is up to you and the digital marketing decisions that you decide to make. With all of these other tips incorporated into your social media strategy, it shouldn’t take long for you to gain momentum down the path you strive to be on.


Be Smart About it

To put it blatantly, Twitter is not as powerful as Facebook when it comes to promoting content. However, foregoing Twitter would be a vast mistake, as it gives you access to an entire untapped audience that you would never be able to replicate unless your business has an account on the platform.

Using Twitter effectively isn’t the easiest process in the world, but there is high potential for it to be worth the effort.

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