Two Thumbs Up: 8 Ways to Get Your Brand More ‘Likes’ on Facebook

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In today’s fast-paced, short-attention-spanned society, it’s important to captivate your online audience as soon as possible before they venture off into the Internet, never to be seen again. Facebook is a powerful tool for businesses; however, it must be used wisely in order to get the most out of it.

Digital marketing may seem daunting. Luckily, there are 8 solid ways to use Facebook as a tool to keep business booming.


1. Business Page Optimisation

When searching for something, people love content. They love to see visuals, and they love to learn. Taking the time to develop a catalog of captivating, relevant pictures that embody the essence of your business will make you stick out in their minds. Also, be sure to fill out every form available on your page so that your audience can learn as much as they can about you.


2. Don’t Post Junk

While it is important to post frequently, that does not excuse you from putting out content that people will actually engage with. Facebook also notifies the friends of users who share or like your posts, which exponentially increases your reach. A “quality over quantity” attitude should be taken toward the posts on your business page.


3. Stay Active!

On the other side of the coin, high-quality content means very little if you post infrequently and sporadically. Having your content pop up in your audience’s news feeds often will lead to increased engagement, which in turn leads to more likes and positive feedback. Remember, however, that too much frequency is just as bad as none; find a comfortable balance to ensure that your audience doesn’t get tired of nor forget about your brand.


4. Don’t Be Ashamed of Self-Promotion

Many people tend to be very reserved when it comes to promoting something they have done. This is often due to a fear of negative reception, or worry that nobody will be willing to listen in the first place. If your content is stellar, though, your work speaks for itself and will alleviate these concerns. Don’t be afraid to tell the world. If you don’t, who will?


5. Tell Your Community

Already have a following? Bring them with you! People who are already familiar with your product or service have a high probability of liking your Facebook page when prompted to. Facebook also allows you to invite people to like your business page, which is a tool one should take advantage of to bolster digital marketing efforts.


6. Stay Plugged in

Facebook offers two useful plugins that help business owners increase their reach: the Facebook Page Plugin and the Comments Plugin.

The Facebook Page plugin allows you to embed your brand’s Facebook page on your personal website while providing opportunities to like and share your business page without navigating away from your site.

The Comments plugin allows people to use their existing Facebook account to comment on the content of your site, eliminating the need for them to make a separate account just to voice their feedback.


7. Pay for Greatness

If you’ve got the cash, Facebook provides the opportunity to increase your posts’ reach through a process called “boosting,” which allows your post to be seen by more people. You can also pay to promote your page, which accomplishes a similar task by targeting people with the same demographics as your audience.


8. Take a Step Back and Learn

It’s important to learn from your page’s performance. Aspects such as what worked best, what didn’t work at all, and what could be improved are vital to long-term success. Just like it is necessary to know and understand your audience, it is also necessary to know and understand yourself. How you’ve performed and how you can perform better are questions you should take the time to answer.

Facebook is an absolute boon to businesses. With its wide array of tools and services, Facebook serves to be one of the most powerful social media platforms available. With strategic planning and self-awareness of your brand, Facebook allows you to increase your business page’s exposure and engagement, which ultimately takes your company a step forward.

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