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Why you need e-commerce SEO

If you’re an online retailer with an e-commerce store on Shopify, Magento or WordPress you are up against it.  You know how competitive the B2C marketplace is and that you need to keep on top of your SEO to stand a chance of surviving.

What can our eCommerce SEO do for your business?

Optimise your Online Store

Increase Online Visibility

Rank your business higher than your competitors.

Onpage Optimisation

Optimise your website both on and offline to increase speed.

High Quality Customers

Drive more relevant traffic to your site.

Cost Efficient

Be a cost-effective marketing strategy (far more than advertising).

How much will eCommerce SEO cost?

Custom Pricing

We deal with every business as an individual, listening to your needs. We refuse to lock our customers into lengthy contracts. Instead, we work as a pay by performance agency, proving our worth. It is in our interest to maximise your success and to see your eCommerce SEO performing well (or we don’t get paid).

Rank your eCommerce store

Get to the Number one in SEO

We work with some of Australia’s largest companies, implementing our e-commerce SEO expertise and applying it to their sites and stores so that they appear at the very top of searches. Cost-effective with long-lasting results, improving your SEO is a savvy move for any e-commerce owner.

What you may not realise is the importance of search results. It’s no longer enough to appear on the first page of a Google search; the battle is now on to reach the number one spot where the CTR is statistically higher.  We can help you climb the search results ladder using our e-commerce SEO techniques and expertise, in turn, this will drive more traffic to your site and gain and retain your all-important customers.

Our Technology Focused Team

All our team is tech-savvy and carries out your campaign in-house. Doing so means we get to know you and your business right from the word ‘go’. First off, we research the most effective keywords and phrases for your business and your niche. These keywords will improve your page ranking and CTR, drive traffic and boost your revenue.

We regularly monitor and modify your campaign and keep tabs on your competition.  As Google Partners we are abreast of any changes that Google makes (no matter how subtle) and can react instantly to make sure you are not left behind.

Our mumbo-jumbo free metrics show you how your SEO strategy is performing in context to your campaign with the results and your ROI in an easy to decipher layout.

Get started today

To ensure that your business succeeds and stands out from your competitors you need to improve your organic SEO. This will help you to appear in organic searches, enabling you to reach your target audience, generate new leads and boost your CTR.

Ready to reach the top spot?

Want to put your estore in the pole position? Let’s start your e-commerce SEO strategy and plan your dominance. Contact us today.

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