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There’s no doubt about it – Facebook is a colossus. It’s big, it’s strong, and its reach is far and wide. Of course, its vast number of users also creates an issue. How do you make your ads seen amongst the crowd? How do you accurately narrow-down your advertising campaign to target your audience, in the right place at the right time?

Biggest social audience ever.

Facebook Statistics

Monthly Users

2.23 billion users worldwide, per month

Australian Audience

15 million Australian users.

You're late to the party.

3 million companies are already advertising on the platform.

Exponential Growth

Five new profiles are created every second worldwide.

How do we reach your customers?

We Do Things Differently

We go behind the likes, follows and emojis – while they’re all very nice, we know what gets you sales. That’s why we fine-tune your ads to reach your ideal demographic and psychographic.

  • By age
  • By location
  • By interests
  • By competition
  • By income
  • By lookalike customers
  • By retargeting users who visited your site

Start Advertising on Facebook

No needles and no haystacks…

Technically trained and abreast of the latest updates, our team does nothing randomly. Instead, it will skilfully track your target audience, optimise your ads and maximise your results and ROI. We will monitor, test, split test, retest and adapt your ads to get the most return or ‘bang’ for your ‘buck’.

Facebook is the most sophisticated advertising platform out there. It’s constantly evolving and modifying how ads get displayed to its 15 million Australian users. A good reason why it pays to use an agency that is evolving right alongside them.

You’ve got their attention, what do you say?

It’s probably going to take more than ‘hello’. But what to say? Your advertising message needs to be right, the first time. We will tailor your ad to suit your customer, selecting the right images and words to achieve your goal (whatever that may be). We can enhance your campaign to specifically increase your sales online or by foot, up the number of web visitors, get more sign-ups to your APP, create more leads, re-target existing customers or boost your mailing list…you name it. We’ll do it.

As you’d expect from Facebook, the metrics will show us exactly when, where and how your audience interacts with your adverts. These results, in turn, ensure we accurately modify your ad to gain the most return from your budget and to deliver an ROI that you will ‘like’ (a lot).

Your report in plain English

Using jargon-free metrics, we will report your data to you clearly and timely. As we are a pay per performance agency, it is in our interests to make sure your ads perform and that you can see how well they are doing. As we don’t tie you into grizzly contracts or lock-in fees, we want the same thing – for your ads to work… or we don’t get paid!

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