What are Google Penalties?

You’ve worked hard to build your website and follow a campaign, but something’s just not right. If your ranking is dropping down the list and your visitor numbers are decreasing, Google might have penalised your site. You need to act fast.

Google is a bit like a school teacher. They are firm but (usually) fair and put rules in place so that everyone follows a code of what is expected and allowed. Cross the line, and you face penalties. Keeping track of what the rules are, however, is no easy matter. Google’s constantly evolving algorithms mean that new rules come into place overnight and they’re not always vocal about them. As Google Partners™, we find out about any new rules and changes the instant they are applied. Being ‘in the loop’ means we can analyse your site, rectify any causes for concern and reverse any penalties you may have incurred. Your site can be quickly rectified of any issues before there is a serious impact on your business.

Helping You Identify The Problem

Typical Google Penalties


Failure to secure your site and protect users from vulnerabilities and hacking.

Strange Referrals

False or unusual-looking inbound links.


Spam links or redirects to your website.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing or hiding content on your web page.

We can get you out of a fix

Google’s algorithm is estimated to change hundreds of times a year.

If your site gets penalised, you need to act fast. We can help you to understand the reasons behind the penalty and how to address it. If, for example, you received a manual penalty we can fix the issues and ask for a reconsideration request. If the penalty is automatic, you could be victim to a black and white animal – either a panda or a penguin. These get issued because of a content violation or poor back-linking. Again, we can assess your links and remove or disavow any that are damaging your site.

With everything else that you have to deal with on a daily basis, this is one job that you can leave to the experts. We work with some of Australia’s largest companies, helping to keep their sites at the top of search results and free from activities that can result in penalisation.

Your work is safe in our hands

As a pay by performance agency, it is in our interest to ensure your site is performing at its best. We do not lock our clients into long-term contracts, and we do not bamboozle them with unnecessary metrics. We will only supply you with customised metrics – the ones that fit into the context of your unique campaign.

Worried about violating the rules?

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