Can You Guarantee Rankings?

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blog-image12016 Update: We have stopped offering our guarantee to all clients as this is no longer a viable option due to the current nature of the Google ecosystem.

As we do not own or have complete control Google, and being aware of the fact that SEO is getting much more difficult, we feel that agencies should not be offering any form of guarantee. This approach is highly immoral, particularly when stipulated in the form of a written lock-in contract. Due to the above, the Resolve Agency arrangement is straightforward. It used to be that we get you on Google’s first page within the first 90 days, or we work for no pay until we get you there. Now, not having lock-in contracts allows either party to terminate the agreement at any time: the onus is on us to perform and we always do.

We are so incredibly confident that we can deliver competition-crushing results in short periods of time, we are willing to bet our paycheck on it, as you can walk away at any time. However, this seldom occurs.


We get very excited by the challenge of getting our clients page 1 results on Google and get a huge buzz when we achieve these rankings. We understand the true value of a dollar and that your budgeted spend needs to reap results. In the wrong hands these budgets can easily disappear without yielding any tangible consequences.

Although we put the same effort and same passion into every single keyword of every campaign, some search phrases will obviously take longer to rank well than others. The fact that we offer this no lock-in contract SEO arrangement, is a testament to our dedication and commitment to getting our clients Page 1 results, and getting them fast.

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