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Social media for Professionals

If you’re a B2B operator, you need to be where your potential customers hang out. In which case, it’s LinkedIn. At 400 million users and growing, professionals choose this social media platform over the others to network, catch up with the latest industry news and keep track of career opportunities.

LinkedIn Ads Melbourne

Choose LinkedIn for your B2B

While users tend to skim-read Facebook posts, the very nature of LinkedIn’s content means users stay for longer and are ready and prepared to digest information. If your sponsored post is worth a read, it stands far more chance of that happening here than anywhere else.

We understand that your ad spend needs to work its socks off, you want results and a provable ROI. Depending on your campaign aims (conversions, brand awareness or getting traffic to your site) we will optimise your campaign to perform at its best, regularly monitoring and modifying it to its full potential.

Why LinkedIn Ads

Target your LinkedIn Ad Campaign.

Much like Facebook, LinkedIn ads can be specifically targeted to reach your audience. If you want to target professionals with an interest in your B2B offering, you can accurately target your ads, even so far as directing them at the decision-makers within a company – the ones whose responsibility it is to purchase, to book or to shop around for the best deals.   LinkedIn’s current advertising choices include sponsored posts, direct InMails and dynamic ads. Each of these ads can hone in on your ideal customer base by identifying your chosen demographics and psychographics, such as:

  • Industry
  • Job title
  • Roles and job tier
  • Experience in the field
  • Education
  • Location in the world (e.g. Melbourne)
  • Any groups/clubs or associations

You and us, in it together

As we are a paid on performance agency, we can’t afford to rest on our laurels. It’s in our interest to deliver an ad that fits your brief, with a measurable performance that reaps sizeable returns. For this reason, we supply you with metrics that are in context to your campaign and make sense. We don’t send you sheets of mumbo-jumbo to decipher. Instead, you get the metrics that matter.  

We have over forty years of experience between us and as we are all technically accomplished, carry out all of our work in-house. Doing so means we build relationships where we understand your business inside and out. We listen to your requirements and tailor your campaign fittingly.

B2B leads in Melbourne

It’s a no-brainer really, an estimated 80% of all B2B leads originate from LinkedIn. But making sure that you’re visible to the right audience is key. That’s where we come in. We regularly work with some of Australia’s largest companies to manage their LinkedIn Ads campaign time and time again. Yes, we get their ads in front of users, but the real difference is we get their ads in front of the customers that convert and so the results speak for themselves. Ad spends are maximised. Customers are happy.

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