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LinkedIn is known (sometimes notoriously) for being the most formal of the social media platforms. You won’t find Instagram’s casual beach pictures, Facebook’s updates about a personal relationship, or Snapchat’s wild partying videos. Instead, you will find relevant news about a multitude of industries, requests for freelance work, and promotions for open positions at a[…]

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In today’s age, your company is at a huge disadvantage if it does not take advantage of the multitude of capabilities the Internet has to offer. According to recent studies, nearly half of businesses do not have an effective, integrated marketing strategy. While there are many roads to success in digital marketing, there are five[…]

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Snapchat is often viewed as the most informal of the social media, given that its pictures and videos disappear after a certain amount of time. This mechanic has prompted users to post content on Snapchat that they normally wouldn’t on other social media channels. Despite this, Snapchat can still be used as an effective digital[…]

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While Facebook and Instagram may be better equipped with tools to help businesses promote their content, Twitter can be an extensively powerful asset if it is utilised correctly. 140-character tweets may seem confining at first, but it serves as motivation to make sure every word counts. Listed below are 5 ways Twitter has the capability[…]

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Most business websites (at least many of the successful ones) implement Google Analytics as a form of comprehensive data management. Those who forego the many services Google Analytics offers will find themselves missing out on valuable metrics that will otherwise be more difficult to compile and review. However, just because a business has decided to[…]

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The Internet has risen to become one of the most powerful tools that businesses can utilise to reach their chosen target audience. It is so powerful, in fact, that the 21st century has seen the rise of an entirely new industry in itself: digital marketing. Digital marketing has consistently proven itself to be highly effective[…]

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