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The Resolve Agency now provide our high quality SEO Service to all business types, large and small, in the Gold Coast area.

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Resolve Agency Gold Coast

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Resolve Agency have a satellite office running in the Gold Coast to help support our existing clientele and grow our SEO operations in QLD. As a full service agency though, Resolve offer a range of services to compliment our SEO and our large Melbourne-based technical team have the resources to get your website ranking fast.

For more information and case studies of Gold coast SEO campaigns we run, get in touch with one of our experienced SEO consultants.

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Gold Coast Office Location:

Level 13, 50 Cavill Ave
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

Why Choose Resolve?

Although being a Melbourne-based company, we choose to actively target clients on the Gold Coast and have a significant portion of our clients there. Melbourne is a highly -competitive market and ranking websites takes skill and resources. We successfully rank clients in Melbourne, but can see no-one really does it that well in the Gold Coast and saw an opportunity to provide premium services at competitive rates. This means you can tap into the resources and experience of a highly-reputable agency rather than dealing with local contractors with much smaller resource bases.

How our SEO campaigns differ

We find many companies push for contracts, target low-competition keywords with low search volume and outsource their SEO to companies like us or even overseas. Our campaigns focus on high-traffic keywords, we never outsource and all of our campaigns are on month-to-month, meaning the performance of the campaigns is how we retain clients. At the beginning of all campaigns we benchmark your current results, provide KPI’s & timelines along with a solid strategy to get there.  This means we need to work to schedule and accurate and comprehensive reporting is critical for us to show value to you.

How our strategy differs

Whilst on-page SEO is important, it plays a very small part in an overall SEO strategy. This may sound confusing as many agencies make out like they’re constantly working on the website, but this is simply untrue. It’s important to keep things like content fresh and to maintain small elements of the on-page SEO, but in truth once it’s optimised we then shift our focus to the off-site SEO (also known as link building).

How does link building work?

Link-building is extremely simple to learn, but complex to master. What constitutes a ‘link’ is a hyperlink from one website to another. If that link navigates to your website, it will pass some of the authority that site has to yours. The more authority the website has, the more it will pass. More authority means greater search visibility in search engines.

How much authority do you need?

It completely depends on two things; how much authority you already have and how much competitive the keywords are you’re targeting. This determines how much authority you need and therefore, how comprehensive the strategy needs to be. This is closely related to the pricing of the campaign also as the more competitive the keywords, the higher the monthly fee.

SEO Reporting

As mentioned before, reporting is a very important part of our SEO campaigns. Our reporting tools integrate with Google products such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads and more allowing for truely accurate and customisable reporting for each client. We can track your desktop, mobile and Google MyBusiness rankings independently too allowing for full ranking transparency.

Next Steps

Our consultants can provide you with an over the phone individual audit of your current SEO and a detailed plan moving forward of what can be done to improve. Book in a time now to schedule in a free SEO strategy session.