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The Resolve Agency now provide our high quality SEO Service to all business types, large and small, in the Gold Coast area.

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google-partnerIn the current search engine marketing ecosystem, it takes more technical knowledge than ever to achieve the desired results with what is a billion dollar machine, such as Google. Gone are the days, when the same Search Engine Optimisation marketing strategy can be applied to every business website to attain front-page rankings. Results are best attained with a custom strategy, and this strategy needs to be carefully monitored.

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Has Your Gold Coast SEO Company Lost Rankings For You?

Everyday we receive numerous enquiries from website owners who are dissatisfied with the way their former or current Gold Coast SEO company is handling their campaign. “Spammy” backlink building and sneaky techniques used on your website will no longer suffice when it comes to achieving high Google rankings, and has been completely stamped out, the way it should be.

“Let us review your website to see if Spam SEO techniques have been used”

Since Google’s latest and biggest ever system change hit mid 2013, we have literally not lost any rankings and on the contrary, every client site has risen positively.

Our more “natural” SEO techniques have only proven to be even more effective since the big change kicked-in. Website owners are fleeing their SEO companies in droves due to these negative results and rightly so. So if your rankings have suffered at the hands of another firm, or if you wish to embark on your first campaign in the safest of hands – please get in contact for a friendly chat so we can discuss your needs.

How many people are searching for what you sell?

Every Resolve client is diligently analysed so we can identify what your primary “money” keyword search phrases are, as to enable us to target them accordingly.

Our model is focused on getting to know your business and what search phrases will actually result in increased revenue. We want to see your sales figures grow. Less keywords mean greater ranking results and more focus on your primary money-makers.

High volumes of different keywords have, in most cases, proven to not have a monetary value, but can also endanger your website of suffering “penalties” from Google, since they released their latest system change. Too many targeted phrases can now be a bad thing.

We’ll keep fighting

We are perhaps the only provider of Gold Coast SEO services that does not stop at the bottom of Page 1, just to meet our contractual guarantee – we will continue to push, the higher, the better. It is widely understood that the closer to the top of page 1 you get, the harder it is to move up every position. However, with time, there is almost no website that we can’t outrank.

What your website visitors are thinking

So Resolve Web Marketing have secured you high page 1 rankings and your website is receiving a huge amount of traffic, but sales have not increased as expected. Should this be the case, then our “conversion optimisation” specialists will review your website in order to gain more paying customers from your visitors. This means looking at the subtle cosmetic or contextual areas of your website design that could be causing people to click away, instead of contacting you. This process of converting site visitors into paying customers is something that we have mastered over the years, through marketing psychology and good old-fashioned trial and error.

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