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An Introduction To Organic Search

Organic Search 101


It all starts with an in-depth review of your website; any previous SEO work that may have been completed, it's architecture, the content, current rankings and competitor analysis.


The initial technical implementation conducted relates to your website itself; adjustments to the internal structure, content and more.


This process refers the analysis and potential production of other web properties that refer to your website, providing authority and popularity in the eyes of the search engine.

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At the forefront of technical research and development of digital strategy.

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We partner with our clients to gain internal insight into your objectives.

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Learning The Lingo

S.E.O. is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. This term describes the complex process of making your website appear higher in the natural/organic (unpaid) search engine results.

As 95% of web browser searches are conducted with Google, we focus our attention on this particular search engine. Your website is also optimised for Bing, Yahoo and more.

Google displays 10 results per page, when someone conducts a search. There are sometimes thousands of pages of websites just like yours, however 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results. This is why it is so important to be on the First Page of Google.

Your Targeted Keywords

“Keywords”, “Search Phrases” and “Target Queries” are all the same thing. This is the particular phrase that the user enters into Google to find results. While compiling your SEO plan, together we will choose the most relevant and profitable keywords for your campaign. These are examples only and anything can be targeted; but we might want to get you on the front page for “Plumbers Melbourne” or “buy wedding dress” or “property conveyancing”. These people are looking for you – right now!

Natural and Organic VS Paid Results

On each page of Google, there are two very theory different kinds of web results displayed. Anyone can use the paid advertisements scheme to promote their website, which Google has termed AdWords. This form of promotion is called Pay Per Click (PPC) as the advertiser will pay a specific amount every time a Google user clicks on the ad, to visit your website.

Not all search queries produce ads, but all produce what we call Natural Listings. There are the 10 results (per page) that will result from most regular Google searches. These can be comprised of normal webpages, but also images, videos and specialty organic Google results such as, weather, news, movie screening times and more.

The owners of these webpages in the natural results are not charged when a user clicks on them and visits their site, as Google lists them for free. This is the essence of the “free” service provided by Google worldwide.

We Understand You, Google

Google is a highly complex piece of software code in cyber-space, programmed by some of the greatest computer scientists alive. The functions of this programming are a closely guarded secret of Google is not public knowledge of anyone outside of Google. In order to give you a result for any search query, thousands of mathematical calculations are made in milliseconds. This programming and calculation process is referred to as an algorithm.

Many SEO Firms claim to have mastered or understand the Google algorithm, but our experience is that this clearly is not the case, and most have much to learn.

As the Google scientists, are on a daily basis updating the way Google “thinks” and how it delivers you the search results, this can result in fluctuating ranking positions of your website in the Google search results pages. This is why it can take several weeks, or even months to see the results of SEO work.

The term “Black Hat” is given to those who engage in methods to cheat search engines and gain fast rankings, however such methods are against the Google Terms of Service, and WILL eventually result in ranking penalties for your website, or complete removal from Google altogether. We only utilise the favoured “White Hat” techniques, in line with the Google Terms of Service. This method takes a little longer and requires more diligent attention, but results in higher, safer rankings for the long term. We use natural techniques and results are not fabricated by spamming, as many do.

Where Does SEO Time and Money Go?

Once your website has been evaluated and subtly updated to be more “relevant” in the eyes of search engines, your competition assessed and target keywords chosen – then the majority of our focus is on creating backlinks. See Custom linkbuilding strategy below.

A backlink or “link” is essentially a direct reference to your website from another website, in the form of a clickable hyperlink (where users click text or an image on another website and the clicked link it takes them to your website). These references are essentially “votes” from other websites, which generate credibility, popularity and importance in the eyes of search engines.

However, it is important to appreciate that there are literally thousands of variables that are considered by the search engine algorithm when it comes to assessing backlinks. As such, the process is incredibly technical and labour intensive.

Common SEO Campaigns May Include

1. On-page optimisation

Small text related changes to get your website to look and act the way Google wants it to. This means very small, but very important changes. Most people would never notice the difference, in terms of aesthetics. Most of the changes are made to the code behind the scenes of your site, which is modified accordingly and represents the majority of the work involved in this particular area of SEO. Think of it as the timber framework of a house; it can’t be seen from the front, but it is of critical importance. You might hear words like “Meta” and “Major Tags”, “Internal Linking” and “Caching” being used to describe this process. This can be further explained in technical detail upon request.

2. Google Maps and Places Optimisation

Many web users these days search for businesses like yours by using the Maps function within Google. When a user is searching for your product in a certain area, we want to ensure that you are clearly seen on the interactive map that Google produces in the search results. In light of the above, the user does not necessarily need to be using the specific Map function within Google. As you may be aware, maps with business listings will be produced in the regular organic search results, which is another reason to have your business and website optimised for Google Maps.

3. Registration of Business Directory Listings

This is an integral part of Google Maps optimisation and creating new web references/votes as mentioned earlier on this page. Quality links from trusted business directories will assist with Google Maps rankings and also potentially generate web traffic directly from the business directory website itself.

4. Custom Linkbuilding Strategy

As previously mentioned, all our backlinking campaigns are tailored to the specific requirements of your website, target market and search queries. Without writing a thesis on the matter, we encourage the natural process of having others voluntarily link to your site. We do no buy backlinks.

These quality, natural links, assist with rankings and come from other websites in your industry with full consent from the webmaster, with no form of payment.

It should also be noted that the webpages that you link out to from your website, is of high importance.

5. Content Creation for your website

Search engines love websites with multiple pages of great, informative text content and favours them accordingly. If we deem your website design and content to be a little “thin” in terms of inner pages (page that are not the homepage) and text/words, then we, or yourselves if preferred, can write new content, add images and videos if require, on brand new pages for your website. This is not always necessary for every campaign and will be assessed during your initial website analysis.

My other Melbourne SEO Company charges for certain amounts of backlinks. Why don’t you?

In most scenarios, Linkbuilding is the most important part of SEO. So it is always part of any package that we do. But it is a “how long is a piece of string” situation, as every single campaign is different and nobody should be quoting for certain amounts, or types of backlinks.

Some websites need tens of thousands of links to get results from one keyword, and others need one or two, or maybe none at all. However those one or two links, may be highly costly, or difficult and time consuming to generate. There should NEVER be any different “levels” of linkbuilding or SEO efforts for single keywords, at respectively higher prices for higher amounts of links. When you pay X amount of dollars and receive Y amount of backlinks – this really means “we only try our best if you pay us enough”. The monthly cost of your campaign is predominantly relative to the level of competition in your specific market.

Regardless, Resolve Agency puts 100% into every single keyword for all clients. We build whatever number of links of varying types, that it takes to get results. Naturally, your budget will need to be higher if your market competition is tougher.