Social Media for Businesses: Uses and Applications

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The Internet has brought unprecedented change to the way businesses reach their consumers through advertising; gone are the days of relying solely on having print ads noticed, or paying top dollar for premier spots on radio or television channels. Today, with the vast ubiquity of smartphones and constant Internet access through various other tools, the Internet is a top contender when it comes to advertising choices.

Social media has become an integral part of everyday life for younger generations and professionals alike; youth are constantly plugged into various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, refreshing their news feeds multiple times throughout the day, and older users are looking to further their business ideals. However, with people’s borderline obsession of checking social media comes a powerful opportunity for marketers to reach them.

The end goal of social media for many businesses is to eventually bring the consumer to its website, which, with strategic optimisation, is a task that can often be accomplished successfully.

While there are various social media platforms that are in constant use, there are three that stand out among the rest when looked at from a marketing perspective: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Each has similarities, but also individually have a specific foothold within the Internet community.


Let’s Face It

Social media isn’t going anywhere, which means the vast amount of users who interact with it daily aren’t going anywhere, either. Facebook has become the most widely used social media platform, which gives marketers the largest target audience to choose from. For businesses, Facebook allows owners to create a page for their company that provides details about the business, a convenient channel of communication via direct messaging, and the opportunity to follow the page in order to receive updates when new content is posted.

Like with any form of social media, quality content will be met with the warmest reception. However, Facebook offers a tool in the form of “boosting” posts in order to reach a larger audience. With a monetary investment, a business’s posts will be shown to a group far larger than normal; if maximum exposure is a priority, Facebook’s larger user base and boosted posts are surefire ways to accomplish this task.


Pictures are Powerful

Social media is often used as a form of both visual expression and visual consumption; to put it simply, people want to see pictures, so others post pictures. For business owners, this is a perfect opportunity to post captivating, relevant content about their company in order to not only increase the awareness of the offered product or service, but also establish the brand’s personal story.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram allows businesses to pay for increased post exposure, which in this case is known as “sponsoring.” Since Instagram is a purely visual medium that gives users the option of posting either pictures or videos, it can prove to be a powerful asset for those looking to build an image and aesthetic for their brand while simultaneously fostering increased engagement.


Link Up with LinkedIn

Out of the different types of social media channels people use, LinkedIn is by far the most formal and career-centric; its whole purpose is dedicated to helping users build networks of like-minded professionals. As one would expect, LinkedIn also offers boosted content exposure in the form of “Sponsored Updates,” which, like Facebook and Instagram, increase the number of people who see the posted content.

Given LinkedIn’s professional atmosphere, it is the perfect opportunity to share relevant business news, insights, and innovations to one’s followers. While LinkedIn inherently offers less freedom in terms of content than the other platforms, it is commonly used as a tool to bring users to the company, even through methods that are unconventional to most social media, such as recruiting.


Social Media isn’t Strictly for Socialising

While the three previously mentioned platforms are frequently used casually, they can yield great results for business owners when utilised correctly; knowing one’s target audience, posting relevant content, and pushing the content strategically can prove to be just as effective as conventional forms of advertising. There are no guarantees that social media will be the instant magic marketing wand that many expect it will be and that all new advertising mediums need to be diligently tested, however, with the immense capability the internet offers, there is no reason to not take advantage of it. Chat to us today to learn how we can help your business with social media.

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