The Power Of Content

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The Internet has risen to become one of the most powerful tools that businesses can utilise to reach their chosen target audience. It is so powerful, in fact, that the 21st century has seen the rise of an entirely new industry in itself: digital marketing.

Digital marketing has consistently proven itself to be highly effective and rewarding if implemented properly; with such a large amount of users available at any given second over a seamless, wireless connection, the possibilities for digital marketing are truly endless. However, with such great potential comes the need for optimisation, as digital marketing will not automate itself.

What is at the very core of digital marketing? Well, that’s easy: Content.

But, let’s take it a step further: what is at the heart of the content that is published? It isn’t the number of frames in a video or the colours of an image. It’s one thing: Copywriting.

Words have boundless potential and can be used to sway the opinions of the masses, whether those individuals are aware of it or not. They are also the building blocks that paint a picture within the reader’s mind. Whether you want to believe it or not, good, quality copy is the foundation for the majority of content on the Internet. Without it, how else would people understand the company, its mission, or the details about the products or services it provides?

As such, content marketing relies heavily on quality copy in order to be successful.


Where to Use it

As previously mentioned, copy is everywhere. However, it is especially important on your business website and social media pages, as those define what your company is all about. Powerful wording that clearly conveys the story of the brand is absolutely vital in a world where people’s attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter as time goes on. Headlines should be concise but also written well enough to resonate with the target audience.

Company bios, mission statements, product and service descriptions, and even disclaimer details are all vital in order to breathe life into your company so that it stands out from competitors, rather than seeming manufactured and ambiguous. Adeptly crafted copy ensures that each of these necessities meets not only your personal needs as a business owner but also the needs of your consumers.

Quality writing can shed light upon the positive attributes of your company in such a way that it never sounds promotional or like a sales pitch. Unless a consumer specifically inquires about a product or service, nobody wants to feel like they are being sold something.


How to Use it

Digital ads, videos and their content, and email marketing all require stellar mastery of compelling sentence structure in order to be as effective as possible. You can make the greatest visual content, but it means nothing if it does not tell a story; and, without quality copywriting, it most likely will not.

Content needs to be able to sell itself. Imagine the world where advertisements have absolutely no text and only visuals; the consumer’s life would be far more confusing. Every word counts, and careful attention and meticulous effort should be incorporated into content marketing.

Email marketing, in particular, relies heavily on strategic copywriting. When you receive an email, it is the headline that ultimately decides whether or not will you open it. As such, the writer must understand the product or service, the consumer, and anything (such as a holiday) that they can capitalise on in order to increase their open rate.


Content is King

Content is what compels people to pursue a transaction with your company. Quality content will help grow your business; inversely, poor content will hurt your business. However, good content that is marketed poorly can also hurt your business, as you waste valuable time and resources on work that will be unlikely to accrue sufficient engagement from your target audience.

Without content marketing, you only have content. Much like a ship with no sails, your content will not go anywhere without a proper driving force behind it. Copywriting is the fuel that will take your content from your computer screen onto the screens of your consumers, improve your SEO results and increase your product conversions. To learn more about how to improve your content, contact Resolve Agency today.


If you’ve got some more time, check out this a great video from the Google Small Business team featuring Keith Hernandez from Buzzfeed:


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